US Postal workers claim they were sacked after being injured at work

US Postal workers claim they were sacked after being injured at work

It is understood that many injuries occur at the place of work. Whether your work entails sitting on a desk whole day or lifting boxes, there is a possibility that you will still be injured. Recently, there was a news item that US Postal workers claim they were sacked after being injured at work. This is something that is quite disturbing. In case you are a victim of similar incident; here are four important things that you should know.

1#. All work-related injuries are covered.
For the postal worker who injured her knee, and who was subsequently fired because of the same, he or she should know that it’s everyone’s right to ask for compensation after getting injured while at work. Workers compensation covers the entire amount of medical expenses and reimburses you for income lost when you missed work. Any kind of employee, if you ate not a contractor or a freelancer is free to assert this type of a claim.

2#. The doctrine of no fault.
Being injured was not the fault of the postal employees. They have to be covered regardless of who was at fault. No matter what happened so that you got hurt, the postal services should never have convinced the workers that they got hurt because of their fault. However, if it can be proven that, you acted negligently; you will not be compensated for the injuries that you suffered.

3#. Filing for employee compensation is a fully protected activity.
Every state in America has laws that protect the filing for workers compensation. This means that no employer can retaliate against an employee who has filed to be compensated for injuries sustained at work. Depending on your state, the rules are different and this is why you should consult a lawyer.

4#. Collect as much evidence as you can.
If you are fired after an injury, it is imperative that you collect as much evidence as possible about the injury and about your former place of work. Get all of your medical history, including those before you were injured. This way, you will be able to provide real evidence about how you were before and after the accident. Look for enough evidence that suggest that you were sacked because you asked to be compensated for the injuries suffered.

Filing for compensation alongside a personal injury solicitor‌ after being injured at work is a protected activity. Your employer should never intimidate you for asking for your right. However, in case they contravene this important rule, knowing what to do saves the situation. Collect adequate evidence, talk to a lawyer and get all your medical records since you will need to show the judge how you were before being injured.