Environment Agency legal claims total over £25m last year

Environment Agency legal claims total over £25m last year

The Environment Agency declares a great improvement of environmental performance of individuals and businesses all over the UK. The Agency’s yearly report states that about 93% of the regulated businesses have shown satisfactory compliance with the existing environmental permit conditions. Still, the companies and individuals that broke the law and brought harm to the environment had to pay great penalties. The numerous Enforcement Undertakings of the Environment Agency brought a total of £25.5 million in fines this year (which is about 3 times more than the previous year). This made it possible for numerous UK Environmental charities to share legal claim compensation.

Both serious and minor environmental incidents now make companies and individuals pay considerable amount of money to eliminate the harm they caused. The incidents mainly concern pollution of water, soil, and air; not meeting the required permit conditions and failing to take steps to prevent other types of environmental damage. 15 environmental projects and charities will have a chance to benefit from over £2.2 million – a great sum to use the right way. This is a great contribution that will go to the local environmental groups whose main task is keeping the environments clean and healthy. They will use the money to improve the state of rivers, parks, and beaches, as well as carrying out vital projects aimed to improve the environment all over the UK.

Most businesses admit liability and offer a substantial financial contribution to remove the harm they caused. Enforcement actions against such companies and individuals include civil sanctions. This principle is really working and works miracles. According to the-Environment Agency report, the rate of serious environmental incidents fell down 18% compared to 2016.

The biggest ever financial contribution concerns the environmental offense involving sewage-spills at Swanage in Dorset. It makes the record of £975,000. The funds will go to several groups and projects listed below:

  • Dorset Waste Partnership (£400,000) · Purbeck District-Council/Swanage Town Council (£400,000)
  • Dorset Litter-Free Coast and Sea Project (£100,000) · Durlston Country-Park and Nature Reserve (£75,000)
  • United Utilities-Water Limited – £232,000 · Yorkshire Water-Services Limited – £200,000
  • Northumbrian Water Limited – £135,000

Sure, it would have been much better if these environmental incidents have never occurred. Still, it’s important to make the lawbreakers and polluters pay for damage they cause. The money received in such a way, whether through claims brought by solicitor Manchester services or any other legal experts in the UK, enable work aimed at keeping the environment across the UK clean and safe for the healthy life.

It also benefits wildlife & wild places, as well as funds the important environmental projects which otherwise wouldn’t be funded. These payments should be a good reminder to businesses of their responsibilities which include keeping a clean & healthy environment. The main thing about this all is to bring understanding that it’s much cheaper to work things the right way than to risk creating pollution.