Accident Compensation Claims

Accident compensation claims are only viable under certain conditions. A minor injury such as a bruise or sprain is not sufficient to warrant a claim. The accident must result in significant injury such as broken bones that may require surgery or injuries that will keep that person out of work and away from earning a living, as well as suffering pain.

Accident compensation claims may include lost wages, medical care and special equipment to manage the injury. The accident causing injury must be caused by someone else’s negligence in their actions. People have specific responsibilities and standards to which they must hold uphold in certain situations. When those standards are not held and result in an injury causing accident that person can be held liable.

Winning the case will depend on proving the accident was caused by another person’s negligence. Witnesses to the accident will help the plaintiff prove their case. It is essential to procure as many witness statements as possible at the time of the accident. The police responding to the accident will interview any witnesses to the accident as well as everyone involved in the accident no matter if they were injured or not. Police reports are often used in accident compensation claims as well as follow up interviews performed by insurance companies and accident compensation boards.

Whenever you are in an accident, it is advisable to write down all the details of the accident as soon as possible before the details fade from memory. This is especially important if the case takes months or even years to complete. Also, to help your case, take photos or videos of the result of the accident as well as photo’s of the surrounding area. With the many sophisticated mobile phones on the market with photo and video capabilities, it is an easy thing to do. Don’t forget, witnesses may also take photos and videos of the scene, as well.

Photographs of injuries are also to your advantage. When it comes down to it, it will be one Doctor against another when characterizing injuries. Don’t forget injuries heal over time and the healing process cannot be put on hold until the case is resolved.

Loss of income can be proved by information from your employer as well as yearly statement of your earnings. Loss of income will be reflected in those statements. The point is to build up as much credible evidence as possible. The more evidence there is, the better your chances of winning accident compensation claims are dramatically increased.